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The Leading Forum for Employers Focusing on Current Employee Benefits Trends, Issues and Solutions

Hilton Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
June 19 - 21, 2007


The National Employee Benefits Summit Conference scheduled for June 19th -21st, 2007 in Atlanta, GA has been cancelled. However, the event has been re-scheduled as an on-line and audioconference event during July. The National Employee Benefits Web Summit (www.healthwebsummit.com/benefitsummit.htm) will be held July 23 though July 27, 2007 and will include a package of live audioconferences, downloadable faculty podcasts and online faculty presentations available for review 24/7. Special arrangements have been for registrants of the Atlanta Benefits Summit conference to attend the web summit at a substantially reduced rate, and the web summit is available for others to attend as well.

The following contact information is available regarding the web summit, and cancellation information regarding the Atlanta conference:
  • Questions regarding the National Employee Benefit Web Summit: 209.577.4888 or pattyj@mcol.com.

  • Questions regarding refund options for the Atlanta National Employee Benefits Summit: 800-684-4549 or registration@hcconferences.com.

Nancy J. Altman, Esq.
Board Chair, Pension Rights Center, Author, The Battle for Social Security, Washington, DC
Meredith Baratz
Vice President, Definity Health, New York, NY
Karen Kay Barnes, Esq.
Managing Counsel, McDonald's Corporation, Oak Brook, IL
Kathy Bartow
Director, Benefit Programs, Fujitsu America, Inc., San Jose, CA
Francois de Brantes
Officer and Director, Bridges to Excellence, Fairfield, CT
Jim Dougherty
Executive Director, Healthcare Information, J.D. Power and Associates, Eden Prairie, MN
Douglas N. Field
President/ and Chief Executive Officer, FieldMedia, LLC, Publisher, Benefits and Compensation Solutions, and CDHC Solutions, Co chair, National Benefits Management Summit, Atlanta, GA
Paul Fronstin
Director of the Health Research and Education Program, Employee Benefit Research Institute, Washington, DC
Daniel A. Green
Deputy Associate Director, Center for Employee and Family Support, Strategic Human Resources Policy Division, Office of Personnel Management, Washington, DC

Missy Krasner, MA
Project & Marketing Manager, Google, Former Senior Advisor, National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Mountain View, CA
Al Lewis
President, Disease Management Purchasing Consortium, Wellesley, MA
Terry A. McInnis, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Health Management Innovations, GlaxoSmithKline, Cary, NC
Tracey A. Moorhead
President and Chief Executive Officer, Disease Management Association of America, Washington, DC
Al Otto
President, White Horse Advisors, LLC, Atlanta, GA
Clive Riddle
President, MCOL, Former Chief Executive Officer, National Med HMO, Co chair, National Benefits Management Summit, and Consumer Driven Healthcare Summit, Modesto, CA
Linda Schulte
Senior Vice President, Customer Segments, CIGNA, Hartford, CT
Richard A. Storms, CEBS
Senior Associate , Mercer Health & Benefits, Chair, International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists, Minneapolis, MN
Andrew Webber
President and Chief Executive Officer, National Business Coalition on Health, Washington, DC
David L. Wray
President, The Profit Sharing/401(k) Council of America, Former president from 1993 to 1996 of the International Association for Financial Participation, Chicago, IL

All attendees receive a complimentary, one-year subscription to Benefits & Compensation Solutions

The National Employee Benefits Summit provides the leading forum for Employers and others on the current employee benefits trends, issues and solutions.

The Summit provides nationally renowned keynote speakers, plus concurrent sessions organized into conference tracks including:
  1. Health Benefit Management;
  2. Health Care Consumerism;
  3. Retirement Plans and Personal Finance;
  4. Insourcing/Outsourcing;
  5. Tools and Technology; and
  6. Supplemental/Voluntary Benefits.
Presentations during the Summit will provide the most current market information, technical information and solutions regarding: Plan Design, Pay for Performance, Prescription Management, Disease Management, Dental/Vision benefits, Price Transparency, Consumer Driven Plans, Wellness Incentives, Convenient Care retail clinics, Financial Literacy, Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution, Retirement Demographic/Economic Trends and Challenges, the Pension Protection Act, Fiduciary Oversight, IRS Updates, the impact of the Democratic Congress, Self-Funding, Outsourcing, Benchmarking, ROI, SAS 70 Audits, Benefits Communications, Employee Self Service Portals, Decision Support, EAPs, Fringe Benefits, Executive Benefits, Voluntary Benefits, and much more.

The Summit also provides the ideal networking opportunity for professionals throughout all industry sectors to interact, develop future relationships and meet key contacts.

  • Health Benefit Management: Self-Funding, Plan Design, P4P, Rx Management, Disease Management, Dental/Vision and more
  • Health Care Consumerism: Price Transparency, Consumer Driven Plans, Wellness Incentives, Convenient Care and more
  • Retirement Plans and Personal Finance: Financial Education; Compliance: Pension Protection Act, Fiduciary Oversight, IRS Updates, the Democratic Congress and more
  • Insourcing/Outsourcing: benefits administration, Benchmarking, ROI, SAS 70 Audits and more
  • Tools and Technology: Benefits Communications, Employee Self Service Portals, Decision Support, and more
  • Supplemental/Voluntary Benefits: Health, Life, Niche Benefits, EAP's and more

  • Provide a working background to recent and upcoming developments, concepts, and regulations impacting issues in health benefits, retirement and personal finance
  • Examine the issues and solutions available in application of employee communications, education and involvement for health benefits, retirement and personal finance
  • Explore applicable detailed and technical operational specifications, as well as legal and regulatory parameters involved in implementing various strategies and solutions
  • Examine key trends in the marketplace regarding employee health benefits, retirement and personal finance including employer, employee, organized labor, regulatory and vendor perspectives
  • Gain a working knowledge of specific relevant challenges being addressed by employers and other constituencies
  • Understand the capabilities, limitations and implications of newer information technology and strategic tools available in benefits management
  • Share Case Studies from employers and solutions providers regarding lessons learned, results and future challenges impacting various segments

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  • Employee Benefit Managers
  • Total Rewards Managers
  • Human Resources Executives
  • Corporate Medical Departments
  • Legal and Regulatory Executives
  • Agents and Brokers
  • Benefit Consultants
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Plan Trustees
  • Investment Managers
  • Actuaries
  • Accounting Managers
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Planning and Strategic Development Executives
  • Consultants
  • Regulators
  • System Vendors and Integrators
  • Financial Institution Executives

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